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Sandboxie 5.06 Full Free Download For Windows

Sandboxie 5.06 Full Free Download For Windows

  • Software Name : Sandboxie
  • Version : 5.06
  • Category Name : Tools
  • Supported all type of operating systems.

Sandboxie 5.06 Full Free Download For Windows

Run programs in a sandbox to prevent malware from making permanent changes to your PC.

Sandboxie enables you to definitely run your browser, or other program, to ensure that all changes that derive from the usage are stored inside a sandbox atmosphere, which could then be erased later.

Whenever you see the Web, changes happen to your pc system. Some harmless, like recording the addresses of Internet sites you’ve visited, therefore the browser will help you develop a Website that you simply key in. More dangerous, such as the unrequested installing of adware and spyware. If you use Sandboxie to safeguard your browsing session, it catches each one of these changes just like the browser is going to apply them to your computer.

Sandboxie does record these changes with respect to the browser, however it records these questions special isolated folder, known as the sandbox. Thus, with Sandboxie, you are able to see the Web safely while still keeping all of your browser’s functionality for active and dynamic content, for example Javascript and ActiveX. All unwanted unwanted effects, including removing adware and spyware, can be simply un-tied.

Changes in Sandboxie 5.06:

  • SBIE1222 Error with security token: C0000061 / 33? triggered by KB3088195 (Win 10 KB3097617) distributed on 10/13/2015 continues to be fixed. This fixes BSOD when utilizing Expensive in Opera.
  • Fixed several problems that could cause Chrome to crash in Windows 10.
  • Added logins.json for Opera and types to templates.ini to allow Opera passwords storage outdoors the sandbox.
  • Back by popular demand, paper spooler (spoolsv.exe) blocks file creates somewhere temp folder (windowstemp) and also the user temp folder (UsersAppDataLocalTemp)
  • Fixed problem that typically triggered IE 11 to instantly exit if you will find third party programs inserting into iexplore.exe with Sandboxie (for example Audio-video).

Screenshots :

Sandboxie 5.06 Full Free Download For Windows

Sandboxie 5.06 Full Free Download For Windows

you can download Sandboxie 5.06 Full Free from link given below…

Download: Sandboxie 5.06 | 8.1 MB (Shareware)
View: Sandboxie Website


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