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Mezzmo Crack Keygen Download Latest Here!

Mezzmo Crack Keygen Download

Conceiva Mezzmo Pro

Mezzmo redefines the way we stream movies, TV shows, and music. We are talking about a free media server that can manage and stream all of your media. It is easy to use as it incorporates the technology that allows for connectivity to UPnP and DLNA devices and browsers. Developed with the primary focus of offering the best experience it offers Windows and Android functions.

Mezzmo Crack Keygen Download Latest Here!

The tool creates a new environment that is described as fast and customizable making it the perfect choice. You can use in the comfort of your home or you can take it outdoors and always keep in touch with your favorite shows.

Unified experience

A great tool is designed and configured with the mindset that all of the available technologies must be accessible and easy to touch. This is what it is all about, in a world of ever developing and growing software and hardware applications and appliances.

This application is set on getting all of your favorites under one umbrella as it connects them:

  • Web browsers
  • Smart TVs
  • Blu-ray players
  • Home theater systems
  • Game consoles
  • Set-top boxes
  • Tablets
  • Smartphones
  • Media players
  • Google Chromecast


Mezzmo Crack Keygen Download Latest Here!

Mezzmo Crack Keygen Download Latest Here!

Features and functionality of Mezzmo Pro 5 crack

The beauty of this Mezzmo is that it offers a wide variety of features that enables it to expand over a lot of mediums and offer unparalleled functionality. It does this with the help of:

  • Outdoor streaming – PC streaming to mobile applications, tablets, and phone
  • All devices are supported – Everything that runs with UPnP and DNLA is incorporated; Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, LG, Netgear, Seagate, Pinnacle, Apple, and much more, as I said before, everything
  • Transcoding – It all comes with state of the art transcoding (it uses the Intel Quicksync and is suitable for both 32-bit and 64-bit machines)
  • Supported file formats – Every known media file format is supported (video, audio, image, subtitles)
  • Streaming – DVDs/ISOs/Blu-rays can now be a part of your library as the tool finds them and adds them for streaming
  • Google Chromecast – This is now integrated and can be used with any dongles as it also includes metadata details
  • Push media files – You can push a file to a device that is situated in your home network for playback
  • Steam music – Creating Gapless Multi Files is easy and it allows for devices to stream them immediately
  • Metadata – A complete compilation of fine artwork and text that includes every aspect (artist, title, genre, year, directors, cast)
  • Audio and video library – The perfect tool that will help you organize and find all of the content in one place with the metadata included
  • Parental control – Customize how and when the content can be accessed
  • Single source – Do you already have an organized collection, on your PC or NAS? Perfect, just add it to the media server

Specs and compatibility

Mezzmo pro 5 crack is compatible with the Windows platform from XP to 10, it also can be used on Windows Server from all the way back as far as 2003 to 2012 R2. It will also require a minimum of:

  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 50 MB of free HDD
  • 1024×600 – 24-bit display capabilities
  • Network connection – Wired, Wireless; Wireless N, 1 GB/100 MB Ethernet for streaming
  • Internet connection
  • 4 Ghz and 1 GB RAM for transcoding – for a 720p resolution a quad-core processor and 4 GB RAM are necessary

Troubleshooting is easy as dedicated support is available. You will also benefit from an easy to use and customizable interface so you can enjoy it in your own personal way.

The best way to enjoy content

I am quite sure that there is no downside to this tool. Mezzmo is by far one of the big players as far as media servers are concerned. You just have to look at all the things it can do to see it for yourself. This mammoth is complete and as it receives patches and updates on a regular basis it will stay that this way.

It has made media servers easy and fun, with just a few clicks you can start to view your favorite shows even if you are not at home. This power tool is great for everyday use as it fits with our ever-growing need to be on the move.

What new in Mezzmo Crack Keygen ?

  1. Support live tv devices
  2. Also supported for UHD player
  3. Support viera 2017 UHD TV
  4. Compatible with all Samsung devices
  5. Better friendly streaming
  6. Increase video streaming upto 100% faster
  7. Translate audio and video title
  8. Provide playlist of song

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